Who We Are

Established in 1998 to provide easy access to basic healthcare and nutrition to mothers and children living in hard-to-reach villages and slums in Dehli, Rajasthan and Haryana (in the northern India), Sukarya (which means “noble work” in Sanskrit), today,  is one of the very few successful, accredited non-governmental organizations in India working on reducing infant mortality and maternal deaths, which are currently the most pressing global health issues.

Working in collaboration with governments, communities, corporations, foundations and volunteers, we focus on innovative intervention and collaboration to address these global issues. The clarity of our mission — “striving for a better society” — drives our focus to make an impact on the lives of mothers and children in India.

Sukarya USA is a volunteer-driven organization based in Seattle, USA, with the purpose of raising awareness and mobilizing financial resources for our work on the ground.

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