Prior to joining development sector,  Vaishali has over 15 years of experience working with NGOs and government agencies across Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Americas and worked in the financial sector while actively volunteering in the community outreach programs. It’s through her community engagement her curiosity to how to assist in human development sector cemented which led her to transition into development finance. For the past twenty years she has worked in twenty-seven countries taking various projects such as upgrading of slums through which she used crossed-cutting themes to address issues such as gender, health, water sanitation, economy, urban development and energy. With a Bachelors in International Studies - Political, Economy & Business from the Henry Jackson School of the UW and Master in Public Administration from the Cornell Universoity, Vaishali has worked with private sector, bilateral and multilateral institutions and is considered to be a strategic leader and an expert in management, program development, financial forecasting, and research. She has worked for UN Habitat , Habitat for Humanity & US Aid serving the urban slum population. For the past seven years she has been working to empower small and medium sized businesses in investing clean technologies. To protect the environment, she works to advocate in adapting to Environmental and Social Management System. Ms. Kushan thrives in empowering of the society as a whole.