Sukarya is pleased to have SriLasya Reddy as its youth ambassador in the advisory board. SriLasya has been a passionate member of the community in Seattle, wherein she has been an active volunteer in all community and social events. Her service values have been imbibed in her from a very young age and she does it with a smile.  Barring her passion in service, she is very good amongst children.  She serves as a mentor and provides a lot of guidance to children her age or younger.

She is a Junior at University of Illinois, Chicago.  She is pursuing degrees in Biology and Sociology to fulfill her aspiration to be a doctor. In addition to her passion for service, she aspires to be a physician because she brings a level of understanding and empathy for people who suffer.  She intends to use her education and chosen profession to aid in the well being of the future leaders of tomorrow.

In terms of academics, she has been on the Dean’s list since her first year of college, as well as a member of the Honors College. As a part-time job  she helps other children to excel in their school work as a tutor for SAT, ACT, IB Diploma and Advanced Placement coursework.  She is very active in VTSeva, an organization which supports the upliftment of Tribal Children and women.  VTSeva supports through Education of Tribal children, not just education but also to transform and be ready to be a part of normal society.  This organizations also support Blind children, through education from an early age to college level.  There is also Cancer screening initiatives for Tribal women, wherein Cancer education and screening is taken to the doorstep of the remotest of villages. SriLasya also serves as an active member of Delta Epsilon Mu (UIC Chapter) – a co-ed pre-health fraternity, working with all fields in healthcare. The DEM family features individuals from all backgrounds with a bond through this fraternity that helps in producing a formidable network of well-rounded professionals.