Our History & Core Beliefs


  • Access to quality health is a fundamental human right
  • Access to basic education is a fundamental right of every child
  • Economic self-reliance is essential for women empowerment
  • Socio-economic growth can't be achieved without rural development

In 1998, we took our first steps with passion, enthusiasm and determination to help and heal the health of women and children who were neglected and unattended in the rural areas of Haryana, Rajasthan and in the peri-urban areas of Delhi and Gurgaon (currently Guru Gram). The tasks were challenging, the obstacles were many but we stayed undaunted. Over the years we have been successful in not only setting up strong healthcare services for women, children and adolescents but also influence factors that affect their health seeking behavior - such as economic empowerment, education, environment and nutrition. In all our interventions, the spotlight has always been on empowering people by building their awareness and equipping them with right information. Through this we have been able to make a change that is permanent and we have gone further by forming self-help groups that trained and taught those who we serve to earn, become independent and thus take control of their lives.

Today, Sukarya is known as a credible and dedicated organization in the field of health with a special focus on mother and children, self-help groups (SHG) and  women's empowerment. A vision of a society where good health is within easy reach for everyone, inspires and drives all our work. We work in hard-to-reach areas serving the most vulnerable people by offering them opportunities to live a healthy and better life. We provide men and women a range of quality services ranging from comprehensive health care, antenatal care, and reproductive and child health care. We work to ensure that women and children are well nourished and protected from common illness.  We build awareness about key health issues and focus on overcoming barriers that constrain women, children and adolescents in seeking timely medical help. We work to address the larger issues of low social and economic status of women that in turn influence their health seeking behavior because we believe that women have the right to be in control of their lives.

"I strongly support and agree what Kofi Annan said: “When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life.”. "
— Meera Satpathy, Founder & Chairperson, Sukarya