Rita Meher has been with Tasveer since its inception in March 2002. She oversees, besides daily operation, the Tasveer South Asian Film Festival and Aaina: South Asian Women’s Festival every year.

Before diving full-time into Tasveer, she worked as a freelance video producer and editor. She edited the award-winning Bangladeshi documentary Threads and made her first short film, Citizenship101, based on her own immigrant experience. She has a strong background in producing government and public television shows, and made her career debut in TV in Japan in 1995. She was named Seattle Globalist of the Year in 2015, and a Rising Star by Northwest Asian Weekly.

Rita was born and brought up in India, and lived in Japan for 4 years. She is fluent in Hindi, Odiya, and Japanese. She has been awarded The Globalist (2015), Rising Star (2015), and, Community Voice (2017).