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Conceiving and having a baby, is one of the most beautiful, natural and joyful experiences of life. However, this reality can be extremely difficult and life threatening for many women and children living in poor, remote and deprived regions.


Infant mortality and maternal morbidity has been a serious global issue for a long time. As per this Seattle Times editorial, there are six million child deaths around the world each year that are truly preventable. In India, one in every five children dies before their 5th birthday due to the lack of access to basic healthcare and nutrition.


According to the United Nations (UN) and The Lancet Global Health Report released in November 2015, maternal deaths in India stood at 45,000 or 15% of such deaths across the world. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) was 17.4 per 100 live births.


As a matter of fact, a large number of infant mortality and maternal deaths -- due to various complications during pregnancy and childbirth -- can be prevented with adequate care at an early stage. The purpose of Sukarya USA is to provide access to quality maternal and child health services to women and children in India, and establish a support system for them that ensures the following:


● Implement intervention in areas where access to quality healthcare is non-existent,
● Strengthen linkages with existing charitable organizations, government systems and global R&D resources,
● Empower rural women through self help groups with various entrepreneurship programs, and
● Inspire communities to take ownership of the programs and change attitudes over time.
● Use innovative education methods to teach children living in slums and rural areas.

Along with the above, associating with Sukarya USA will give ample opportunities for young professionals and students to work with the wider Greater Seattle Area community. Most of the regular fundraising events, the students and young professionals will help to organize will address critical global health issues. It will also be the most attended and appreciated by the community.

  • “To save the lives of women and children.
    There is no higher purpose.”

    - Massimo Vignelli -
  • “ Communication is empowerment. ”

    - Isadora Singh -
  • “ Bringing basic healthcare to the doorstep of the needy”

    - Meera Satpathy -

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Striving for a Better Society.

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Meet our Advisory Board

Striving for a Better Society.

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